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Jose Conrado Rodriguez Alegre was born in June of 1951 in the city of San Luis, Oriente, Cuba, From a young age, as he explains in this book, he found the priesthood to be his vocation, entering the seminary in 1964, Between the cities of Santiago, El Cobre and Havana (in the seminary of San Carlos and San Ambrosio) he finishes his studies and was ordained a priest by his Bishop, Monsignor Pedro Meurice, on June 5, 1976, His work «40 años de sacerdote en la Cuba de los Castro» ("40 years of priesthood in Castros’s Cuba") reveals his life, his effort to evangelize, his apostolic zeal, rebelliousness, and expulsions, This book shows the life and soul of a priest who knows how to laugh and communicate to all he knows his love for Jesus and Mary, a love he feels with powerful fidelity, despite the criticism and the difficulties he has suffered and still suffers,

In 2017 he published the book, SUEÑOS Y PESADILLAS DE UN CURA IN CUBA, At the beginning of 2018, together with two other Cuban priests, he wrote and disseminated  UNA CARTA A RAÚL CASTRO (A LETTER TO RAÚL CASTRO) where he denounced, along with the  two other Cuban priests, the difficult situations of penury and lack of freedom in his country and called for reforms to avoid a social catastrophe, In 1994, he also wrote a letter to Fidel Castro and in 2009 one to Raúl Castro, All are included in this book,

Resistencia y sumisión en Cuba  (Resistance and submission in Cuba) is the thesis he presented at the University of Salamanca as the culmination of his journalism studies in 1999, It is really a reflection that seeks to find answers to the situation in Cuba, It is a profound study of the realities of the totalitarian experience in countries that suffer communist systems, It is always a search for truth, a purpose that inspired him to study, reflect and write this work, In the introduction, we will find an explanation of that search, The reflection focuses on four authors, each of them from a different country: «El pensamiento cautivo» (The Captive Thought) by Czeslaw Milosz, (Poland), - Nobel Prize for Literature in 1980; ; «Rogad por el hermano Alejandro» (Pray for Brother Alejandro) was written, upon leaving prison, by Constantin Noica, (Rumania); ); «El poder de los sin poder», (The power of the powerless), by Vaclav Havel, (Czechoslovakia), Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1989); «Informe contra mí mismo» (Report against Myself) by Eliseo Alberto Diego (Cuba),