La Estrellita Solitaria "Moms Choice Awards Recipient"

La Estrellita Solitaria "Moms Choice Awards Recipient"

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Nuestras diferencias nos ayudan a descubrir nuestro destino

After much anticipation, the day is finally here! Mr. and Mrs. Twilight are happy to announce the arrival of their La Estrellita Solitaria. While different from other stars in the nursery to the happy parents, he is absolutely perfect.

In a society where, from the youngest to the eldest, only perfection is acknowledged...could it be that our differences, not normally accepted or understood, may actually cause us to discover our destiny?

Everyone, at some point, will feel different. La Estrellita Solitaria is a reminder of just how universal our personal experiences really are. Every child should have the chance to know what it feels like to be loved and to know they have been chosen for a unique destiny.

Walk hand and heart with the La Estrellita Solitaria through his first journey in this all-new interactive series. Find the hidden "DestinoStar" on each page to help guide the La Estrellita Solitaria on his pilgrimage to find his special place in the universe.

Children and adults alike will enjoy being a part of his triumphs, while also identifying with his struggles. Along the way we will all be cheering, "Hijo: brilla, brilla nuestra preciada estrella - brilla por quien tu eres."

With a charming blend of storytelling and endearing illustrations, this book is a great way for parents to help teach their children that they were purposefully created, are loved, and are destined for great things.

La Estrellita Solitaria is a great tool for inspiring compassion and embracing diversity, all the while helping children maintain confidence even in the face of lifes many challenges.

La Estrellita Solitaria , "Keepsake Book" would make a wonderful addition to every home, school, and library.

Great News! La Estrellita Solitaria is also available in English: The Lonely Little Star


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