Libro Medieval De Salmos

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Available in all the major languages of western europe as well as the original latin, this book contains over 200 images precisely recreated from the psalter from the Nonnberg convent with additional cover symbols from the Polling psalter (both circa 1250AD), It is both a practical Book of Pslams and a preservation of historic artwork, Feel the joy of illumination with real 13th century artwork and fonts created by bavarian monks at the heart of the holy roman empire, restored to their former glory, extended and translated into the languages of the 21st century,

Illuminated medieval manuscripts took a leap forward in 13th century bavaria with the introduction of blue ink, The few surviving manuscripts from the region show beautiful main fonts unmatched in quality, Extra random fancy capital letters in red and blue are used to start each verse, Standard practice was to alternate between colours each verse and to use random doodles to fill excess whitespace or mark the end of verses, Smaller doodles have been used as end of verse markers with more detailed drawings used between psalms, enlarged to show the fine detail attained with quill on hide,

Perfect as a gift for a first communion, confirmation, bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah or for anyone who loves all things medieval, The large clear font is great for eldery readers and the rich colours will delight children of all ages,

Available versions    
EAN / ISBN      Language    Title                            Description
9780994554963     Deutsch     Bayerische Buch Der Psalmen     (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Deutsch - Luther)
9780994554918     English     Medieval Book Of Psalms         (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - English - King James)          
9780994554932     Espanõl     Libro Medieval De Salmos        (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Spanish - Reina Valera)     
9780994554949     Francias     Livre Medieval Des Psaumes         (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - French - Darby)     
9780994554956     Gaelic         Leabhar Meánaoiseach Sailm         (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Gaelic - Bedell)
9780994554987     Italiano     Libro Medievale Di Salmi         (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Italian - Riveduta Luzzi)
9780994554925     Latin         Psalter 1250AD Redivivus 2015AD    (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Latin - Vulgate)
9780994554994     Polskie     redniowieczna Ksiga Psalmów    (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Polskie - Gdansk)
9780994554970     Português     Livro Medieval De Salmos         (Book of psalms - Medieval Psalter - Portuguese - Joao Ferreira)

Additional custom translations can be produced (minimum order 500 books), Other customisations such as different colour covers, custom cover art etc, also possible (minimum order negotiable), Send queries to dan,neis@gmx,com