Tactical Christianity

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TACTICAL CHRISTIANITY: Becoming A Warrior For Christ

The Tactical Christianity series deals with the same issues we face in life from a warrior’s perspective, Using the same tactical concepts for life that we use in war to overcome and defeat the enemy of God that seeks to destroy us all,

In this first book (which includes a devotional at the end of each chapter), 'Becoming a Warrior for Christ' the author looks at the following aspects of warfare and how they pertain to our Christian walk of faith in Christ:

FACES OF WAR - Who are the innocent victims? What collateral damage does to those around us? Defining the players in our personal game of life, How we can be part of the solution and not part of the problem,

PLANNING FOR WAR - Understanding our surroundings, Preparing our heart and mind, Always ready for battle,

THE ENEMY AND HIS TACTICS - How the enemy operates, Who and what does he use to engage us in his deceptive ways? How to overcome his attacks, Victory vs Defeat,

OUR ENEMY IS A TERRORIST - Examples of enemy attacks using 'real life' experiences from the battlefield, Comparing the devil to the cowardly actions of Muslim extremists,

WEAPONS THAT DESTROY - Understanding and equipping ourselves with the weapons of God that overcome the enemy,

FRIENDLY FIRE - How we destroy our own people within the church world, Explanation of friendly fire and its terrible effects using historical facts and experiences,

THE ATTACK ON THE FAMILY - Looking at the current attacks of the enemy used to undermine the strength of the family as a unit, How to overcome common pitfalls and problems,

THE BATTLE FOR MARRIAGE - This chapter looks at the current state of the marriage covenant, How the world has changed its meaning, God's plan for marriage, How spouses become unwilling enemies, The negative effects of divorce on our lives, our family and our friends,

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND NON-EXISTENCE OF GOD - The best lie of the enemy is making people believe he doesn't exist, By overlooking or denying the work of the devil, our world is walking closer and closer to a chasm of eternal death, Unfortunately, many people who claim to be Christians are following the same path to destruction,

This book uses a variety of scriptures to enhance and explain the spiritual warfare that we encounter throughout life, It is meant to encourage, bring greater awareness and motivate others towards positive change,